Brunei Darussalam's capital Bandar Seri Begawan. Photo credit: iStock/Sophie James.

Brunei Moves toward a Dynamic and Sustainable Economy

January 08, 2021
A new economic blueprint will help the country create more high-value employment opportunities and harness the latest technology in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
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Online Customs Transit System Enables Seamless Trade in ASEAN

December 15, 2020
The ASEAN Customs Transit System will help fast-track medical supplies that are vital in the fight against COVID-19.
Research from Google, Temasek, and Bain estimates the internet economy in Southeast Asia exceeding $100 billion as more people use online services during the pandemic. Image credit: Liza Solano.

Workers Need to Gear Up for Southeast Asia’s Booming Internet Economy

December 10, 2020
The outlook for the internet economy may be rosy but the lack of digital skills in the region may hold back its growth.
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ADB, Gojek to Study Digitization, COVID-19 Impact on Indonesian MSMEs

December 03, 2020
The joint research project will use the Gojek digital ecosystem to study the benefits of business digitization on Indonesia's micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises.
Lack of clean water will make it difficult for people to wash their hands frequently to prevent COVID-19 infection. Photo credit: iStock/Dzaqi Akbar.

Preparing for Drought during a Pandemic

December 01, 2020
A UNESCAP–ASEAN report urges policy makers to include climate action and adaption in COVID-19 stimulus packages.
Southeast Asia is rich in natural gas, hydropower, solar, bio-mass, wind, and geothermal energy. Photo credit: Asian Development Bank.

Investing in Clean Energy Can Speed Up COVID-19 Recovery

December 01, 2020
A Sustainable Energy for All report says investing in renewables can add $25 billion to the annual GDP, create millions of jobs, and improve resilience.
The MOU covers the ASEAN List of Essential Goods, which covers mostly medicines and medical supplies and also includes soaps, disinfectants, and face masks. Photo credit: Asian Development Bank.

ASEAN Removes Trade Barriers on Medicines and Other Essential Goods

November 23, 2020
Ten countries in Southeast Asia are removing restrictions on intraregional trade of medicines and other goods needed to fight COVID-19.
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7 Ways to Bolster Southeast Asia’s ‘Fragile’ MSMEs

November 19, 2020
To navigate the COVID-19 crisis, MSMEs require tailored approaches, with the most vulnerable being prioritized.
The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) Agreement is expected to improve market access, build regional supply chains, increase investments and opportunities, and boost economic recovery efforts during the COVID-19 crisis. Photo credit: Asian Development Bank.

5 Things You Need to Know about ASEAN’s Biggest Trade Agreement

November 19, 2020
The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) groups the 10 ASEAN member states and its 5 regional partners: Australia, the People’s Republic of China, Japan, Republic of Korea, and New Zealand.
Direct cash transfers or deferrals of tax or rent could boost local consumption and help improve sales of local retailers, which are often micro-enterprises. Photo credit: Asian Development Bank.

Targeted Measures for Small Businesses Are Critical to Economic Recovery

November 09, 2020
Small businesses need dedicated programs to help them weather the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, says an ASEAN–OECD policy paper.