An 8-turbine wind farm in Nabas overlooks the resort island of Boracay. Photo credit: Asian Development Bank.

BKCF Grants Fund Now Open for Third Round of Project Proposals

January 27, 2023

Priority projects include renewable energy, green enterprises, sustainable tourism, low-carbon transport, and high-quality agro-fisheries production.
A health worker inoculating a patient with the COVID-19 vaccine.

ASEAN Leaders Vow to Sustain Recovery amid Challenges

December 06, 2022

Leaders want countries to brace for headwinds from COVID-19, supply chain disruptions, food shortage, climate change, and other threats.
Migrant workers from Malaysia arriving in Cambodia.

ASEAN Steps Up Efforts to Widen Social Security Coverage for Migrant Workers

December 06, 2022

At the Cambodia summit, leaders agreed to develop a roadmap of regional actions to implement social security portability by 2030.
A farmer working in a rice field.

Countries Urged to Strengthen Agriculture Systems to Bolster Food Security

October 11, 2022

 Agrifood systems must become more resilient and deliver affordable, nutritious foods.
By breaking down gender barriers for women, more food can be produced to feed more people. Photo credit: ADB.

Multi-Donor Fund Mobilizes Investments that Empower Women in Agriculture

October 11, 2022

Grow Asia was created by the World Economic Forum and the ASEAN Secretariat to build partnerships for more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable food systems.
People wearing protective face masks in Indonesia as a precautionary measure against the spread of Covid-19.

BIMP-EAGA Needs a Playbook to Boost Resilience against Future Shocks

September 02, 2022

Member countries urged to look beyond the 2025 mid-term plan in realizing the subregion’s overall goals.
A farm in the Philippines uses plastic mulch to suppress weeds and save water. Photo credit: Asian Development Bank.

Putting the Spotlight on Farm Tourism in the Philippines

July 20, 2022

Four innovative farms in BIMP-EAGA are being promoted as sustainable tourist attractions in the Philippines.
Philippine Airlines launches direct flights between Cotabato City and Tawi-Tawi on 9 June 2022. Photo credit: Mindanao Development Authority.

Things Are Looking Up for Tawi-Tawi

July 11, 2022

Direct flights and new infrastructure projects move Tawi-Tawi closer to becoming an important gateway for Muslim Mindanao to other parts of BIMP-EAGA.
A man and woman riding a boat through mangroves in the Philippines.

How Nature-Friendly Solutions Can Help Curb Floods in Mindanao

June 30, 2022

An ecosystem-based approach provides a low-cost way of avoiding more than $60 million in damages annually.
Wind farm in the Philippines. Photo credit: Asian Development Bank.

First Batch of BIMP-EAGA Projects Approved for Korean Funding

June 30, 2022

A project to help cacao farmers in Mindanao and a study on renewable energy certificates will be implemented with the support of the BIMP-EAGA–Republic of Korea Cooperation Fund.