A line of motorcycle riders waiting to be tested

ASEAN Enhances Health Cooperation with New Initiatives

October 23, 2020
With no end in sight for the pandemic, ASEAN countries are scaling up efforts to protect public health from COVID-19 and improve their collective response.
All hands are on deck to fight COVID-19. Photo credit: Asian Development Bank.

Winning the War against COVID-19 Hinges on International Cooperation

October 13, 2020
Countries must work together to ensure the fair distribution of the future COVID-19 vaccine.
A volunteer, posed before spraying disinfectants in a public area in Jakarta, Indonesia on 27 March 2020.

Future-Proofing against Pandemics

August 26, 2020
ASEAN should brace for more pandemics as long as its forests and biodiversity remain under siege.